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(Jim Funk) is currently residing in Panama City Beach, Fl and enjoys all genre's of music. Born James E Murphy in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida on September 17, 1984, Jim Funk, so named by Dustin C member of Lab Man Records after his crazy style of funky music merged with today's Dark bass and Pretty styles. Always playing the new top and underground HEAT! He has been professionally producing since the age of 18 (2003) and has DJ'd in clubs like Club La Vela, The Swamp, Rock Star, NightTown, House of Blues, Club LA, Spinnaker Beach Club,District Night Club, Festivals and local bars around the United States. To the date he continues to produce and play all style music. Curently he is on Gigabeat Records, Gigabeat nights record label, Genuine Debbie D Records, Kaleidoscope MUSIC, Therabeat Records with remixes on Nolabeat records. He is also the founder and CEO of Bass-A-holix Anonymous Ent. To date he is charting one of the highest in beatport in Breakbeats and Trap. He is one of the most well rounded DJ's continuing to bring the funk merging noise to music. Non Stop To The Top.

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