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Biography G$Montana and Neuroziz are both individual DJ’s and Producers that have come together to create one unbelievable hard hitting musical team. They blend together amazing beats to create some of the freshest breakbeat songs on the charts. G$Montana G$Montana also known as Geo Lopez has been immersed in the Florida music scene since 1997 first as a music lover and then an event promoter. In 2004, Geo Lopez created a music promotion company called, Project Mayhem. He started a new level of promoting events and took on Winter Music Conference (WMC) in 2004. He began a series of events, known as Project Mayhem Industry Socials featured during WMC that has since been successful. As Geo was surrounded continuously by artists in and out of the studio, it was no surprise when he decided to learn the art of DJing. He picked up the techniques quite quickly and started performing at local events. He had such a great reception to his sets he began thinking about producing music he loved. He was branded with a DJ name, G$Montana which was thanks to friend DJ Brazen, in April 2014. Production quickly followed, and his debut original track GSPOT came out October 20, 2015. The release also featured a remix by Wes Smith was available on Beatport under GigaBeat Records. This release ranked #1 as an EP and hit the Top 100 charts at #26 under GigaBeat Records. The EP featured a remix by Wes Smith that is included in the video game Table Top Racing World Tour. Following the success of his first track, G$Montana decided to join forces with an old school friend and fellow producer Neuroziz. They created their first original track together which was released in February 4, 2016 called, “Shake’m”. The EP ranked #7 after only one week on the Beatport Top 10 Breakbeat chart. It also included a remix by The PhatKidz released under The Pooty Club Records. G$Montana is thoroughly enjoying his partnership with Neuroziz and looks forward to what they will create together, but he still continues to rock the dance floors with his Miami bass flavor. NeuroziZ Alexander Aguiar, aka NeuroziZ: A Miami Native, Music Producer and Audio Engineer is now taking the Evolution of Electronic Sound into a new realm. Known for his primary role as one of the founders of the multifaceted electronic group 7 Milez of Muzik in the early 2000’s, NeuroziZ has unequivocally branched out. With over 20 years of experience in the Field of Music, his work consist of countless productions in the genres of Break Beats, House,Trip Hop, Hip Hop, D&B, Electro and many more. On his down time, NeuroziZ entertains himself by producing for local talent and collaborating in projects such as video game sound design and healing ambience. His deep rooted love for the Electro Breaks sound continues to motivate him to polish his style to impact his ever supporting fan base.

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