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Fran Marchante aka FM-3, is a young and rising producer Breaks. It started back in 2012 when he became curious about the world of DJ's when he delved more into the music and especially in the genre "Breakbeat" began to make their first sets which were well received and more than decent impact to just have begun. About 1 year after he began to make his first edits or "bootlegs", these were the most push gave today, later he signed his first official remix for the label "Sound Break Records" followed by other remixes labels such as "Gigabeat Records" or "Sound Perfect Breakz" which launched his winning the track of KL2 "Pound This Sound" remix. It was from there when it sank in seeking to further improve its style and quality and making his first Original Mix sale through the Greek label "V.I.M. Records" which reached a staggering number 37 in the Top 100 Beatport Breaks. Currently still in search to improve in all aspects always influenced by fresh, dynamic and surround sounds which make you unable to stop dancing. In March 2015 he had what may be one of the worst mishaps, the same day that reached 2K followers on his account Soundcloud this was deleted, although the cast did not have FM-3 bend down his head, it was only a small obstacle his career. Watch out for more by this rising producer during 2015, for which this year will come loaded with new material, as its new Original and edits, many remixes, collaborations with other producers and singers and other Original more to be launched by the sub-label "The Pooty Club", "Teknical Records".

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