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FA73 begins to approach the hip hop culture at 11 years, in his town of Napoli, moving in the 1984 the first steps of break dance and listening to POP music and Electric Funk of 80’s years. He learns the first techniques of mixing in 1989, selecting above all Rap music, hip- Acid house, in private parties in Napoli. His listening of all kinds of music, increase his music culture more on electronic style. His important meeting in 1993, with GRANSTA' MSV, creating with him, band of POWER BEAM, beginning an artistic life in Naples hip hop scene, producing and interpreting Rap songs oriented to the Miami Bass sound. In 1996, Fa’ creates with Gransta' Msv, Magoo and Red-dyna, the national and international hip hop reality of PUAZZE CREW, with the rappresentation of the 4 elements. He follows many tours of presentation of the group to several hip hop conventions from 1996 to 1999 and in 2000 first record production, cd album PUAZZE SHOW with a live tour of rappresentation of the 4 elements until 2002, exhibiting himself in the role of Breaker (Boogaloo), M.C. and Dj selecter of hip hop old school, Miami Bass and Electro sound. For 2002 to 2005, Fa' 73 with Gransta' Msv and Bmx, are engaged with the PUAZZE Dj' S, a project that is the union of PUAZZE CREW Dj’s. In 2005, He starts to play in underground clubs, the Electro-Breakbeat sound and starts to study the basics of the music productions. In 2007 he is Dj and art-director of the Miss Kitty Skirt event, in Roma. In 2008 He creates his first independent label F.D.B.E. (Frequenze di Basso Esplicite) music around the Hip Hop, the electro, the Breaks and the BASS. For 2009 to 2011 starts his experience in WMC MIAMI like Italian electro-breaks-bass artist. Always in 2009 he is one of the pioneers with Dj Max Durante and Gransta’ MSv of the project ITAL BASS, an evolution of the Electro Miami Bass here in Italia. In 2010 he produces the first “Italian electro bass track” called FEAR OF BASS. With Gransta’ Msv performed at the WMC Miami 2010 for the second time with the exclusive electro breaks and bass dj Live-set called BASS TOWN 2010. In 2011 he starts with his new electro bass track called “Smolly Dance” with featuring of Smolly The Alien. With his label and Movement F.D.B.E. in music productions, promoting and management all around the Electro Breaks and Booty Bass concept. With Gransta’ Msv in 2015 created the LEVEL101 project, sound like Booty Ghetto Bass with first release called “Level Begins”. Actually FA73 continue the diffusion of his sounds around Italy and rest of world.

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