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(Ethney) Krawczyn danced her way into the music, in the winter of 97. In her home town of Panama City Beach, Florida. Soon she and a partner started a small production company called the "Eye Luv Project" that became known for their great music , good vibes, and fun parties. This project later evolved into LabMan Records which was a group of local artist which produced multiple tracks,then pressed and released many Records. Ethney then later gigging all of Panama city Beach, Florida and Destin. Playing in clubs like La Vela, Night town, Rock Star, Granite, and Illusions. Also Playing is cities and states such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Kosovo, Florida, and Mississippi. Dj Ethney is currently flourishing with the production company known as Bass-A-Holix Anonymous and Gigabeat Records . She is currently releasing tracks in collaboration with Jim Funk and many others.

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