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DJ 818


Hailing from Los Angeles California, DJ 818 moved to the east coast where he started DJing in the late 1990’s. Shortly after securing residencies throughout NC, it wasn’t long before 818 began tearing up the East Coast. From New Jersey to Miami, 818 is recognized for his spontaneous bass heavy song selections. Gracing the decks with some of the top DJs of the century, 818 continues to polish his craft and his art of turntablism. His reputation of stimulating dance floors and mind blowing party goers simply proceeds him. Around 2011, 818 became more involved with production and quickly started raising eyebrows. Since then, guest mixes & remixed tracks have been featured on numerous EDM blogs & radio broadcasts both nationally & internationally. At the end of 2015, 818 released his first original solo track, 'DROP', an electro/melbourne bounce vibe powered by broken basslines and 818's signature style. Within two days after it's release, 'DROP' hit #10 in the Beatport Breaks 100 chart.

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